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You talking to me?

I'm just not convinced that the current B2B Apprenticeships campaign has got it right on two grounds - both in appealing to its business audience and in its underlying premise.


Yes, there are some altruistic employers, but being motivated to help can't come before the bottom line. This campaign poster does not convince me about the business merits (of which there are many). No hard facts, just assertions. Secondly, the heraldic branding and "University of Work" concept seems to suggest that Apprenticeships need validation through direct comparison with University study. I think this is presumptuous and patronising to the many young people who do Apprenticeships. In fact, I suspect many would proudly assert that this practical, work-centric model of learning is more suitable for them than a three year stint in Higher Education. I know this isn't targetting potential recruits but the language used in communicating to employer and employees needs to be viewed as two sides to thesame coin, surely. Interested to know if you see it differently. Comment below.

Julie Kangisser