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I produced a hand out for a conference a few months ago. It's for in-house communicators wanting to run a health check on their thought leadership capabilities.

Each statement carries a score of 1 if it applies to your organisation. A quick tally will give you a mark out of ten. Let me know how you measure up!

1. You know your niche - you've checked out what competitors are doing and either take them on in the same territory or have your own 'sweet spot'.

2. You have a dream cast - if it's purely a marketing initiative it won't fly. Your senior team are genuinely involved and you have engaging spokespeople.

3. Fleet of foot - by responding quickly to opportunities it's your views that gain traction.

4. Content calendar sorted - you have a shared editorial and events calendar across your organisation. No internal work silos, no surprise announcements.

5. Winning hearts and minds - you harness emotions as well as logic and gain loyalty by providing useful and interesting information.

6. Consistent across channels - whether someone hears you at an event, reads your website or visits your premises they'll know what you're good at.

7. Listening hats on - you rely on getting audiences involved so you understand who they are, what they need and you're open to feedback.

8. You're on speed dial- influential journalists and opinion formers regard you as the 'go to' people on relevant matters.

9. Staff ambassadors - you've inspired and equipped your colleagues to live your values and understand your expertise.

10. Communications is a strategic priority - your experts are given time to develop their knowledge and are encouraged to share their thoughts with the world.

SCORE __ out of 10

So how did you do?

Julie Kangisser